Win a FREE Shurley English Software CD. It can be used with any English program, and entering is EASY!

 (You can watch a demo of this software HERE –if you don’t mind my southern accent!)

Not all learning can be a fun-filled carnival, but games certainly have their place in the world of education.  Critical thinking, strategic planning, memorization, sportsmanship, laws of probability, and much more are apprehended unconsciously through many games—particularly old fashioned board games.

Because we’re giving away a game (well…it’s sort of a game), this week we’d like to know what you’ve learned from the games of your youth.  I’ll go first: I used to love to play a game called “Sleuth” that was 100% deductive reasoning and critical thinking—no bells and whistles, fancy graphics, or happenstance turns of events.  Playing this game taught me to think hard and really hang on to a train of thought.  It also taught me to win graciously and perhaps not go for the jugular every single time.  Otherwise, I’d have nobody to play with! And it taught me that I’m not always as smart as I think I am.

To enter this week’s contest, simply write your answer as a “Comment” to the contest post on the Finders-Keepers Facebook Page. The winner will receive a free Shurley English Classifying with Quigley Software CD (choice of level).  This software can be used with any English program simply by labeling the words from left to right rather than according to the Shurley Question & Answer Flow.

All entries must be received by Noon CST on Wednesday, May 12th, and the drawing will be that afternoon. One winner will be selected randomly from the number of responses received. The winner will be announced on Facebook, and he or she will receive a message from Finders-Keepers requesting shipping information. Please feel free to share the contest information with friends and family, but we do request that responses be limited to one per person.

And don’t forget, the  Finders-Keepers website offers free  Printable Shurley Extra Practice Sentences , free Printable Shurley Writing Templates, and a Shurley Scope & Sequence, as well as fantastic prices on Shurley English materials with FREE shipping on all orders of $50 or more.

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