Tiny Toilet Paper and Other Shrinking Products

I happened to be in a discount store yesterday when I spotted a display of tiny Angel Soft packages near the end of the aisle. I’m not usually that interested in exploring bath tissue, but the scale was so unusual, I thought they had developed a new product. Perhaps a kiddy sized roll for toilet training.

Nope. This was plain old toilet paper, and it looked so unusual I actually burst out laughing when I saw it up close. Why had they decided to package a miniaturized version of such a familiar product?  The banner across the front of the package told the story:  4 Regular Rolls

I’ve handled a lot of TP in my life, and as far as I’m concerned these rolls were highly irregular. But I guess the folks at Angel Soft figured they might get in trouble if they touted their core products as Double Rolls when they didn’t have a half-size single roll on the market.  I started to buy a package just for the novelty of it (I do have grandkids in the potty training stage) but I decided I didn’t want to support such silliness with a purchase. Instead I shot a few pictures and included a soft drink can for scale.  

When I got home, I did a quick search online and discovered that Scott Tissue was also called out in a recent Consumer Reports article for making a less obvious roll size reduction.  ABC news also reported on the trend last month. Shrinking product size is a pet peeve of mine, and I really wish manufacturers would just charge us more.  Rising prices, while not pleasant, are a fact of life, and I can live with them. Shifty merchandising and deceptive packaging break trust, and I don’t want to do business with a company I can’t trust.


Homeschooled Iowa Wrestler Defaults to Avoid Competing Against a Girl

Whenever I see a news article or video clip about a homeschooler taking a stand based on principle, I tense up just a bit. I know that the temptation to anxiety may be just around the corner because they often include some sort of cringe-worthy content, such as:

  • An attitude of arrogant, dogmatic superiority on the part of the conscientious objector.
  • Portrayal of a sense of entitlement within the homeschool community.
  • Misrepresentation of the facts by the news reporter.
  • Media slant manifested in selective editing in the newsroom.
  • Ill-informed commentary from a biased source masquerading as an objective authority.

So it was really refreshing to read the recent story of Joel Northrup, a homeschooled Iowa wrestler who refused to compete against a girl in the state tournament. He was humble and gracious, and even complimented  the female competitors.  He did not demand special treatment or threaten to sue anyone.   He gave a clear, Biblically sound reason for his action. A quote from Northrup’s pastor dispelled any suspicions that an inferior view of females was at the root of the decision:  “We believe in the elevation and respect of woman and we don’t think that wrestling a woman is the right thing to do.”

The facts of the situation rang true and were well ordered. Plenty of commentary was offered by others involved in the wrestling tournament, and though most would not have chosen the same course of action, all expressed respect for Northrup’s convictions and decisions. No “experts” were brought in to babble on about sexism or religious intolerance.

What I expected to stress me out actually left me feeling encouraged.  Encouraged that it really is possible to get a good story about a good guy published in the mainstream media.  Encouraged that somewhere in Iowa, there’s a young man whose commitment to Christ outweighs his desire for championship.  And most of all, encouraged by the reminder that as we are faithful to walk the path the Lord has called us to, He will be faithful to bring forth a harvest of righteousness throughout our generations.


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Egyptian Revolution Study Guide: Communicating the Ideas of Revolution

Want to discuss current events in Egypt with your students but aren’t sure where to begin?  Start the conversation with our FREE Communicating the Ideas of Revolution study guide. This brief study encourages students to compare the development and distribution of ideas in the Egyptian Revolution with that of the American Revolution.  The embedded links offer a synopsis of events for those who may need a primer, and the Teacher Resource page gives background information to help guide discussion.

Egyptian Revolution Study Guide


Win a FREE Second Form Latin Set! Entering is EASY!

Most of us have settled into the new semester and are busy pressing forward to finish on schedule, so we figured it’s the perfect time to liven things up with another curriculum contest. Since we know so many of you have had success with First Form Latin and plan to continue with Second Form, we’re giving away a Second Form Latin Set.

I just got off the phone with a customer in the Virgin Islands. We’ve gotten about 9″ of snow today, with more on the way this evening.  I do love a good snow day, but as I gazed out my office window and saw yet another vehicle slide off the road, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of day he was having in that tropical location.

So the question for this contest is a just-for-fun poll. If you could be anywhere else in the world today, where would you go?  To enter simply write your answer as a “Comment” to the contest post on the Finders-Keepers Facebook page. The winner will receive a free Second Form Latin Set.

All entries must be received by Noon CST on Wednesday, February 16th, and the drawing will be that afternoon. One winner will be selected randomly from the number of responses received. The winner will be announced on Facebook, and he or she will receive a message from Finders-Keepers requesting shipping information. Please feel free to repost the contest information on other Facebook pages, and to share it with friends and family. However, we do request that responses be limited to one per person.

And don’t forget, the Finders-Keepers website offers fantastic prices on Memoria Press Latin materials with FREE shipping on all orders of $50 or more.


NEW from Tide! Another “Dumb Dad” commercial.

Thank goodness Smart Mom was on hand to help foil his bumbling attempt to keep his daughter from wearing an itty bitty skirt.

If you don’t care for the commercial, you can let Tide know by hitting the “Dislike” button at YouTube.