Read any good guarantees lately?


Here’s my submission for the most ridiculous item of the day—and further proof that manufacturers think consumers are stupid.

My daughter’s blow dryer recently went kaput.  My husband, the master tinkerer, was not able to revive it because certain specialty parts were needed.  It’s a pricey unit, but my daughter’s hair is very long, and I like to think that this particular product causes less damage, so I decided to reorder the same one.

When the replacement arrived, I made sure to check on the warranty, just in case we had the same problem again.  Here is the guarantee that is offered on this top shelf piece of equipment:

Your common sense probably tells you that pretty much the entire unit is composed of steel parts, plastic parts, and the flex cord. I can confirm this, since I have a dismantled version of this blow dryer in my possession. It does have a thin piece of cardboard on the inside, so I guess that’s the part they’re guaranteeing. I’d have more confidence in the product and the company if they just labeled it “SOLD AS IS”.

I know this hoodwinking is nothing new, but sometimes I just want to speak up. So here’s a message to all those big companies that think they’re pulling one over on us:

We know that you’re shrinking the size of ice cream cartons and coffee cans. We know that you’re pumping our meats full of “solutions” to bloat the net weight so you can walk away with more dollars per portion. We know that you’re choosing deceptive brand names to mislead consumers about a product’s country of origin . We’re onto you, and we’re adjusting our shopping habits accordingly.

Furthermore, we’re training a generation of students who can read, think, contrast, compare, and make rational decisions. When they finally outnumber the sheeple, you’re going to have to change your ways.

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