Have some good clean fun on Ivory Soap’s anniversary: Carve it, mold it, blow it up in the microwave.

The floating icon of American purity is over 100 years old and still going strong. The legend of its “accidental” creation is an interesting tale of invention and discovery, but the soap itself has much to offer the curious and creative. If you and the kids need a little break from the everyday school routine, why not have some good clean fun with these ideas:

Learn about solids, liquids, and gasses with this VERY COOL Ivory Soap Microwave Experiment. If you’re not up to conducting the actual experiment, you can just watch the video.

Take time out to develop your soap carving skills. (I prefer a potato peeler and a inkless ball point pen as carving tools for kids.) Don’t forget to put your shavings to good use!

The decorative guest soaps made in this kid friendly craft project would make interesting Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts.