Breaking News: eBay Repeals Ban on Teacher’s Manuals! Please help spread the word!

As many of you know, about four years ago eBay adopted a policy prohibiting the sale of teacher’s manuals.  The rationale was that public school students could potentially gain access to materials that would aid them in cheating in the classroom. The net effect was that homeschoolers—a significant presence in the eBay marketplace—were deprived of the ability to buy and sell many of their favorite curriculum items.  The policy change was not widely communicated, and many sellers (including Finders-Keepers) did not find out about it until listings were canceled and violation notifications were received from eBay.

Ever since that time, we have made regular appeals to anyone at eBay willing to lend an ear, as have many others.  As it turns out, what we thought was a lost cause wasn’t lost at all.  Today our eBay account manager informed us that the policy has been reversed, and teacher’s manuals are once again welcome at the world’s largest marketplace.  This afternoon we created a test listing featuring a teacher’s manual, and it was submitted to eBay’s Trust and Safety department for their review.  They confirmed that all was well, and we were even encouraged to include the words “Teacher’s Manual” in our titles.

Please help us spread the word!  This is great news for the homeschooling community, but information about the reversal is even more obscure than information about the original policy.  While many people have continued to sell teacher’s manuals unaware of the prohibition and undetected by the watch dogs, many others have withdrawn from the venue altogether. 

We are very thankful that just when many families are trimming their budgets to the bone, eBay is once again a happy hunting ground for the homeschool bargain shopper.

You can check out the Finders-Keepers eBay Store by clicking HERE.

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  1. […] Finders-Keepers Educational Supply, eine amerikanische Organisation, die sich mit dem sogenannten Homeschooling befasst, schreibt auf ihrer Homepage, dass vor etwa 4 Jahren eBay den Verkauf von Lehrer-Schulbuchausgaben verboten hat. hat ebenso den Verkauf von Lehrerausgaben untersagt, da diese nicht für den allgemeinen Gebrauch gedacht sind. […]

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